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Zilliqa is the latest in a long line of crypto projects attempting to enter the metaverse.

There's a lot of concern right now about which cryptocurrencies will make it through the coming year. As a result, it's difficult to predict which blockchain trends will continue to be popular in 2022. One theme, though, is unlikely to go away very soon: the metaverse. Tech behemoths and venture capitalists alike are flocking to this new frontier of entertainment and social media. 

Many crypto networks, like Zilliqa, are now turning to embrace the metaverse . The Zilliqa cryptocurrency is on the rise as it makes its big metaverse announcement today.

Everyone wants a piece of the metaverse, and Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) rebranding as Meta Platforms  underlined that the metaverse isn't just a passing fad. As a result, organizations, brands, and projects from all over the world are entering the metaverse in one way or another.

Sandbox  is a metaverse coin that has partnered with a host of performers, media companies, and brands. Both the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin  and the auction house Sotheby's have purchased virtual land plots. Decentraland  has even hosted a virtual music festival of its own.

Zilliqa is one of the most recent to jump into the metaverse. Zilliqa's network promises excellent efficiency and transaction scaling as a layer-1 DApp development protocol. It will now have the opportunity to demonstrate these powers by creating a metaverse.

Metaverse Announcement Boosts the Zilliqa Crypto

The Zilliqa cryptocurrency's value has risen as a result of an announcement made earlier this week. The network has stated that it intends to enter the metaverse. The network previewed Metapolis, the platform's official metaverse, in a Twitter post.

Developers refer to the project as a "extended reality (XR) experience" in a blog post about the upcoming metaverse. They define XR as a technology that combines virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The domes that make up the digital metropolis will host brands, gaming, art, real estate, and more. Naturally, it employs the same non-fungible token (NFT) avatar model as other metaverse projects. A sneak-peak video for investors completed Zilliqa's teaser.

The Metapolis, according to the developers, will be released next year. Meanwhile, ZIL gains are already visible. The coin is up 6% today, just days after the announcement was made public. Investors are still pouring into the network, with $68 million in ZIL transaction activity, a modest increase over yesterday's traffic.

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