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0, review, coin, tutorial, card, news, app, visa card, price's route to fresh highs next year may be restricted. Coin , which is down roughly 42.5 percent from its all-time high, appears to be due for a bounce.

The token is backed by the same-named crypto financial services organization. Unfortunately, I don't see one happening in the near future.

Especially since, like the stock market, the crypto market appears to have entered "risk-off" mode ahead of the US Federal Reserve's tapering and rate-hike plans.

As investors exit speculative assets due to rising interest rates, cryptocurrencies appear to be on the verge of another crash. Is this, however, a foregone conclusion? Not so fast, my friend. I'm not predicting another strong year for the crypto market as a whole.

At the same time, a significant price drop may not be in the cards. The crypto market, on the other hand, may be able to stabilize. If this occurs, specific names may have a chance to provide outsized returns due to non-market-related variables.

CRO's key catalysts could allow it to re-hit its all-time high if there isn't any broad downward pressure on digital assets. It's possible that we'll even reach new highs.

However, as with any cryptocurrency, proceed with caution. While the situation may not be as bad as it appears, the worst-case scenario is still possible. Coin and Changing Market Conditions

The crypto market has been under pressure over the previous few weeks. As a result of a more hawkish US Federal Reserve, investors are taking a more "risk-off" approach.

There are also significant expectations that digital assets will have greater problems in the future year. Crypto is the "leading contender" for a correction in 2022, according to a study of money managers.

This shift in market conditions, as with other cryptocurrencies, will likely negate any coin/token-specific triggers. In other words, don't expect CRO to maintain steady, much less make a comeback.

However, a hawkish Fed does not always imply a full-fledged breakdown in the bitcoin market.

For starters, it's feasible that this issue has already been factored into existing cryptos such as bitcoin.

Rising Awareness Could Still Help It Bounce Back

Earlier this month, I argued that increased awareness of Coin, as well as its "get rich quick" appeal, were two factors that could help it continue to rise in price.

Its "get rich quick" appeal is dubious, to be sure. With a market value of $14.1 billion and a nearly ten-fold increase year-to-date, it may be difficult to imagine another 1,000 percent increase.

Nonetheless, thanks to increased usage spurred by its recent marketing push, it may still have opportunity to grow. Yes, you may believe that the increased attention resulting from its $700 million purchase of the naming rights to L.A.'s Staples Center and its global ad campaign starring Matt Damon has already been factored in.

After all, the cost of CRO has already skyrocketed. During the month of November, it went from

The Verdict on CRO

At around 62 cents today after a big price decline in the past month, CRO may look like a falling knife you don’t want to catch. Especially as it seems that a change in market conditions may mean crypto moves even lower next year.

Nevertheless, if the crypto market stabilizes in 2022? Coin may have a path back to higher prices.


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