Baby Lambo Inu coin is the latest coin to attract the attention of investors



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New Baby Lambo Inu (BLINU) wants to be the king of coin market

Today is a "y" day, which means a new pupcoin is making the rounds on social media. Following in the footsteps of Dogecoin , Shiba Inu , Floki Inu , Kishu Inu , and the other dozen "Inu" currencies, a new token is gaining traction. Baby Lambo Inu  is that token, and it's gaining a lot of attention on Twitter today, just one day after its launch.

Baby Lambo Inu is the newest pupcoin on the market, having launched yesterday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. Baby Lambo Inu, another Dogecoin offspring, is a deflationary token. BLINU is represented by a baby Shiba, complete with binky, driving a green Lamborghini, as the name suggests.

The tokenomics of the BLINU cryptocurrency are quite simple. The overall supply is 600 million units, with a 10% burn rate planned. BLINU sellers pay a 13 percent tax, which the network distributes among holders, marketing efforts, and other factors. Developers are providing a roadmap for the project's goals today. Short-term goals include CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings, as well as 3,000 total holdings; it's worth mentioning that both targets have already been met.

It's also worth noticing that as the roadmap progresses, the goals grow increasingly flimsy. The list includes terms like "dapp," "giveaways," and "huge coin burn," but none of them are discussed in depth. The project will be audited by CertiK only after these unclear releases, as well as a "private party on a yacht in Miami."

Baby Lambo Inu (BLINU) Crypto Causes an Immediate Stir

It's clear that the Baby Lambo Inu (BLINU) cryptocurrency isn't the next big thing in crypto. However, many of its users, who have been tweeting about the cryptocurrency since its launch, don't appear to mind.

BLINU has gained a following in less than a day, with users tweeting as the project is added to Binance's  "Hot Pairs" list. Matt Wallace, a crypto influencer, even promoted the introduction of Baby Lambo Inu, sarcastically claiming that it could pass Shiba Inu.

Despite its oddities, a less-than-stable roadmap, and the current state of turbulence in the crypto industry, BLINU has been trading hands with vigour. Today, about $7 million worth of the cryptocurrency is being traded. Despite this, it is still losing ground, down around 1.5 percent.


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