Fanaticism is ‘encouraging’ but DOGE needs more than that in the crypto universe-CryptocurrencyMohoagd

Fanaticism is ‘encouraging’ but DOGE needs more than that in the crypto universe-CryptocurrencyMohoagd

Although the Dogecoin community can be an entertaining place, you’re actually not supposed to take the hopium drug. If you must buy DOGE, do so because you conducted your own independent research, not because of its underlying fanaticism.

I perceive numerous parallels between believe in cryptocurrencies and belief in deities as someone with a background in evangelicalism. Perhaps the correlation isn't as obvious as the digital meme markets like Dogecoin (. People can be as faithful (or as unfaithful) as they wish in this country because it is a protected right. Those who do take the jump, however, should do so with caution.

Your mind is a marvelous thing, a supernatural miracle or the apparent climax of evolution, depending on how you look at it. Regardless of its roots, the ability to formulate one's own viewpoint - without fear or constraint — is a gift that we should all value. As Americans, we are fortunate to live in a society where the only penalty for having "wrong" beliefs is ugly social media comments.

That said, it would behoove us to take use of this opportunity to sharpen our minds and promote rational or, better yet, empirically based ideas in the sake of productivity and progress. Otherwise, we lose our ability to think if we simply give in to the collective feelings of religious enthusiasm. So when I noticed on that Dogecoin was the number one trending ticker, I realized we were in big trouble.

The comments stream didn't disappoint: Dogecoin to the moon, a slew of dog gifs, and references to Elon Musk's recent publicity stunt, to name a few. There were also a few flame battles here and there, with back-and-forth arguing that I can't exactly print.

It's all a little strange, but it's admittedly entertaining in a guilty-pleasure kind of way. I can see how someone may be drawn into the Dogecoin craze, similar to how early evangelicals abandoned organ pipes in favor of drum sets and electric guitars.

The spirituality trap and its effect on the Dogecoin

I couldn't help but think of a psychological trick that evangelical males perform on each other when I saw individuals on social media encouraging each other to support Dogecoin. That is not its actual name, but it is how I refer to it. Anyway, bear with me as I explain.

For want of a better term, single women in evangelical organizations have significant "economic" worth due to purity culture. As a result, single males compete vehemently for their attention. Clever men, however, persuade other kindhearted but naive males to "hear" from the Holy Spirit to truly decide if this daughter of the Lord is truly from the Lord, in order to narrow down the competition.

Here's the kicker: no one, to my knowledge, has objectively demonstrated the existence of the Holy Spirit through comprehensive independent peer review. Most of us, in the end, see what we want to see and call it divine instruction.

However, by the time you've finished wrestling with the Lord, as we evangelicals call it, the one urging you to hear from the Holy Spirit has already made a beeline for the lady you were attempting to date (I mean, "court") has already made a beeline for the lady you were attempting to date (I mean, "court").

You might reject the above as something that only happens in churches if you're unfamiliar with evangelicalism. Bull. The pump and dump is the secular equivalent.

The biggest winners in any investment — legitimate, illegitimate, or crypto — are the fewest. For example, according to evangelical beliefs, only one man and one woman can be married. As a result, the Holy Spirit trap can be extremely beneficial to the eventual victor.

Similarly, people that feed into the Dogecoin craze may have a hidden objective; namely, to profit from the collective zeal.

The Problem

To be honest, the most astute investors may be able to profit from the somewhat predictable character of mass human psychology. Dogecoin could be a terrific short-term trade for you if you have the talent.

However, if you're the type who is prone to religious thinking, I would avoid DOGE like the plague. Because I was an early adopter of this meme, I have a "DGAF" mentality, as the kids say. However, if you're purchasing Dogecoin for 14 cents a pop, you should really GAF.

What is the explanation for this? Only a few few benefit from fanaticism. According to DOGE's chart and the broader crypto sector, there isn't nearly enough devotion for everyone, let alone a slight majority, to benefit.

As a result, you should approach whatever you hear on social media or in the crypto community with mistrust. Take it from me: if you don't have pals at church, you're not going to make friends in whatever this is called.


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