Don’t Ignore the Risk While Investing in Shiba Inu


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SHIB-USD crypto looks a bit less like a dog today

It doesn't require owning Shiba Inu (SHIB-USD) to understand that risk is an element of investing these days.

But, make no mistake, when it comes to the riskier trade ideas, a buy of SHIB is still more likely to pay off than others. Allow me to explain.

Just when investors felt the worst was over, the stock market fell by 2% on either side on Thursday, possibly deflating any optimism.

February's attempt to shore up the prior month's corrective damage has quickly unraveled, driven by major losses in large-cap champions Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA).

It's all because of the scorching inflation figures. And many will, with the Consumer Price Index reaching multi-decade highs and raising anticipation of a half-point rate hike by the Federal Reserve in March.

Shiba Inu and Risk

But don't be deceived. Risk assets exist in a variety of shapes and sizes.

And the outsized 6% loss in crypto Shiba Inu on Thursday had a zero to 0.00003139 possibility of SHIB investors evaluating the impact of more expensive items and central bank policy.

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Shiba Inu boldly epitomizes the challenges of a crypto market that is still trying to pitch itself as something other than a speculative trading mechanism.

The thing is, SHIB was introduced last year by an anonymous developer to compete with the crypto market's first dog-faced coin and digital joke Dogecoin (DOGE-USD). It's the dreaded "Dogecoin Killer!"

Without being too harsh, it makes Shiba Inu hilarious and a difficult coin to take seriously, despite its Ethereum (ETH-USD) blockchain and smart contract foundation.

Is it Cute?

However, if we were to compare today's crypto market to baseball and a game that is still in its first or second inning of play, SHIB would be a cute and amusing mascot rather than the champion in the digital asset space.

Shiba Inu's real-world valuation of more over $17 billion is less charming and more menacing.

Other than ridiculousness like an obscure SHIB-themed restaurant selling fast food on blockchain in Naples and a SHIB Army that likes to hashtag the latest and best, the market cap has little to show for such efforts.

Overall, this dog-faced crypto mascot appears to be biting the hands that feed it.

Shiba Inu Weekly Price Chart

Shiba Inu Weekly Price Chart

To be fair to Shiba Inu token owners everywhere, being comic relief is a tough career that demands dedication, stamina, and the ability to keep people engagedly delighted. And SHIB has been successful in doing so.

To go even further, may SHIB's recent announcement of a move into Web 3.0 with a metaverse called Shiberse, which promises a "immersive experience" and a gaming angle, be the token's method of finally being taken seriously?

For the time being, I'm not going to hold my breath. Technically, though, the Shiba Inu price chart has been making strides in its attempt to establish itself as a more significant player.

The weekly chart shows that the SHIB-USD has been in a downtrend for the past two weeks, with a bottoming candlestick breakthrough.

Furthermore, the bullish reversal is taking place with the help of a bullish and oversold stochastics configuration.

As much as I can appreciate investors considering becoming speculative SHIB buyers, But the money — or, more accurately, the 0.00003139 — stops there.

Bottom line: Keeping thoughts of another 49,000,000 percent and early retirement or Shiba Inu's common grounds with Microsoft at arm's length and second to a stop-loss makes sense, given a very loose Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI) metaverse relationship.


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