FLOKI Crypto Prices Heat Up as Floki Inu Fans Gear Up for Valhalla Metaverse Debut


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Valhalla is trending today following some key announcements from Floki Inu's team

Floki Inu (FLOKI-USD) is finally approaching a key milestone after a rough month for cryptocurrencies. The meme token that rose to prominence in the fall of 2021 is poised to take an important stride toward the metaverse. The Floki team announced at the beginning of the month that the alpha testnet of its metaverse game platform Valhalla will be launched soon. Twitter is ablaze today as FLOKI's Viking army rejoices over a slew of announcements that have moved the FLOKI cryptocurrency into the green.

What’s Happening with the FLOKI Crypto

When Floki's team first announced the release of Valhalla, no exact date was given. The blog article just stated that it was expected within the month. However, as #Valhalla trended on Twitter this afternoon, Floki's crew retweeted this post from a prominent fan account:

It should be mentioned that the FLOKI cryptocurrency has been steadily climbing throughout the day. It is up more than 12% in the last 24 hours as of this writing.

This surge was most likely fueled by two tweets sent earlier in the day. Both came from a user dubbed Mr. Brown Whale, who describes himself as Floki's primary strategist. The user hinted in one tweet that the Valhalla battle arena prototype was approaching completion. The linked video provides users with a satisfying glimpse of what the game will include.

Mr. Brown Whale posted a link to the Soundcloud file of Valhalla's theme tune, "Flying Crows," earlier this morning.

Why It Matters

If the success of the FLOKI cryptocurrency today is any indication, the digital Viking army has taken notice of these advertisements. Today, the token is gaining traction on social media as its holders prepare for another significant development.

Another significant milestone was reached by the organization yesterday. The team announced that Floki has 300,000 Twitter followers. This is no minor feat for a cryptocurrency whose growth is dependent on community support.

It's also important that Floki is moving closer to conquering the metaverse. "This launch will position Floki as a first mover in [play-to-earn] Metaverse gaming and provide the ardent Floki Vikings community with the ability to directly contribute in the creation of the entire Valhalla gaming metaverse," the company said.

Floki Vikings were overjoyed to hear it at the time, and they are overjoyed to see the alpha testnet advance now.

What It Means for Floki Inu

Earlier this week, Bitcoinist suggested that Floki's move into the metaverse via Valhalla may drive it ahead of some of its competitors. The advent of a popular gaming platform may provide it with the real-world utility it requires to silence its detractors.

Floki's team may have been evasive regarding the testnet's debut date, but today's statements show that they are making progress and moving closer to a polished product. While they work, the dedicated Viking army remains on standby. As Valhalla's growth continues, investors should expect the FLOKI cryptocurrency to rise more.


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