Predictions for the Internet Computer Price: Where Will the ICP Crypto Go With the New DEX?


Predictions for the Internet Computer Price: Where Will the ICP Crypto Go With the New DEX?

icp price prediction this week

For investors in the little-known cryptocurrency Internet Computer, it has been an intriguing day . As this coin climbs more than 10% on a low day in the crypto industry, a variety of Internet Computer price predictions are being updated today.

Any upward movement on a negative day is noteworthy. Two factors that investors are watching right now are among the primary drivers of this shift.

Investors are intrigued about rumored plans to integrate Bitcoin  and Ethereum  with Internet Computer. These integrations are expected to happen this year, according to the company's recently disclosed roadmap. Investors may be betting on ICP being considered as a scaling solution for these leading blockchains by combining smart contract capabilities with them.

Smart contracts on the Internet Computer, according to the theory, might allow Bitcoin to be sent without the use of private keys. This type of uncharted region appears to pique the interest of certain investors. Others may be looking forward to the multichain future of Internet Computer.

The introduction of the first decentralized exchange on the Internet Computer network is the second catalyst that investors are awaiting. The Sonic exchange went live on Sunday, and it currently supports token swaps between three different tokens. Additional functionality is scheduled to be added in the future. Users can earn incentives by trading these three token pairs and providing liquidity to pools.

Overall, there is a lot to be excited about with Internet Protocol for investors. As a result, let's take a look at where the experts believe this coin is headed.

icp price prediction this week: Where Will ICP Go Next?

At the time of writing, ICP is currently trading at $21.94 per token.

  • ICP is viewed as bearish by Wallet Investor. According to the site, this token might be worth $3.49 in a year.
  • Digitalcoin, on the other hand, is more bullish. ICP has price targets of $33.72, $46.03, and $93.64 for 2023, 2025, and 2029, according to this site.
  • This token's price estimates for 2023 and 2025 are $35.80 and $50, respectively, according to CryptoNewsZ.


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