Is Biden About to crypto regulation? 7 Things to Know.


Is Biden About to crypto regulation? 7 Things to Know.

Is Biden About to Regulate Crypto? 7 Things to Know.

The topic of digital assets is trending on social media today. However, this discussion isn't always about specific tokens or coins. Rather, investors appear to be anxious about President Joe Biden's possibility to tighten cryptocurrency regulations in the coming days. So, what is the latest Biden crypto news that you should be aware of?

According to recent rumors, the White House is considering crypto restrictions to protect national security. Investors are also aware that Biden's executive order could be issued next week.

What is the significance of this? In 2022, the threat of crypto regulation has been a major market driver for investors. Crypto mining has been regulated or outlawed in a number of nations. The Securities and Exchange Commission has increased its enforcement efforts, fining BlockFi $100 million lately for its unregistered loan product.

So far, the United States has been less aggressive in policing the crypto industry than many other countries. It's unclear whether this will alter as a result of Biden's crypto executive order.

Let’s dive into a few things investors may want to know about the potential crypto regulation.

Will the Biden Administration Heavily Regulate Crypto?

  • The executive order is expected to be issued within the next few days, according to investors.
  • The initial goal of this directive, according to reports, will be to design a "government-wide plan to regulate digital assets."
  • Second, the Biden administration is said to be interested in learning more about the concept of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).
  • It's worth noting that the Federal Reserve is allegedly considering creating a CBDC.
  • The Biden administration, on the other hand, sees the crypto sector as having the potential to influence the future of monetary payment systems.
  • As a result, the present administration's measures include the formation of an FBI crypto unit with cyber crime professionals.
  • Systemic dangers associated with stablecoins and money laundering are among the topics the administration is considering.


Biden’s Govt Order on Crypto Coverage Is Anticipated Subsequent Week

Key factors

  • Finance news from Yahoo! The federal edict from the White House on cryptography is expected next week.
  • According to reports out of Washington, Biden's decree will be light on specific rules, policy recommendations, or legal requirements, instead ordering government department enterprises to assess the problems and opportunities in 2022.

According to Yahoo! Finance, the White House's anticipated cryptocurrency government directive could be made public next week. Since Bloomberg broke the news (in January) of a White House crypto statement in the coming weeks, Biden's decree has been anticipated in February. This information, however, requires some background because the issue of crypto regulation — and the scarcity of it — has been around for years.

Biden has to handle crypto, because it’s unlikely Congress will

Because Congress is unlikely to pass cryptocurrency legislation this session, the president must take action. In both the House of Representatives and the Senate, Democrats must maintain razor-thin majorities. To accomplish so, they must secure significant legislative victories that will aid them in the November midterm elections. As a result, they'll start campaigning at the end of July, during the recess.

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Despite the fact that 86 percent of adults have heard of cryptocurrencies, only 16 percent have actually acquired or traded any type of digital currency. Cryptocurrency isn't enough of a draw to get people to the polling booths. According to a new Pew poll released yesterday, voters' top three concerns are strengthening the financial system, cutting healthcare costs, and dealing with the epidemic. Cryptocurrencies were not even included in the list of 18 voter topics.

That does not appear to be deterring the White House from producing a story to promote. According to reports, the latest draft of the manager directive addresses issues such as crypto's impact on national security and the economy, as well as the potential need for a unified regulatory framework.

We'll have to wait and see if this is just more political navel-gazing, requiring businesses to look into a problem that's been 13 years in the making, or if it's a government order that actually takes action.


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