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12 Best Crypto Staking Platforms for Turning Your Crypto Into a Money Machine

Staking is an increasingly popular and lucrative way to put crypto holdings to use

As a crypto investor, your work does not end when you purchase a new asset. In fact, each new holding opens up a slew of additional possibilities. And, on top of the gain they observe with their holdings, these possibilities can often bring investors a lot of money. Staking is one of the most common techniques to increase your cryptocurrency revenue. But how does it operate, and which crypto staking platforms are the best?

Because of the growing popularity of proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies, crypto staking has evolved. Proof-of-work peers Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and Ethereum (ETH-USD) both require cryptographic puzzles, but these coins don't. Rather, validators are allocated to blocks of data, who in exchange for payments check the data's legitimacy. You can participate in this verifying process while also earning some money by staking.

For newbies, staking is significantly easier than mine because there is no need to purchase all of the pricey equipment that mining necessitates. Staking is as simple as putting your money into a staking wallet. In the opinion of crypto bulls, it's also superior than typical banking services because staking can yield greater annual percentage rates (APRs). Furthermore, staking allows you to withdraw funds at any time.

As staking has become more popular, it has attracting the attention of individuals as well as venture capitalists. Hundreds of billions of dollars in assets are staked across top platforms right now.

What Are the Best Crypto Staking Platforms?

Staking is a better way to make money than simply buying and keeping cryptocurrency because you're actively putting your money to work, allowing it to create passive revenue. But where do you start?

There are hundreds of crypto staking sites available, each with its own set of requirements and rewards. Finding the finest cryptocurrency staking sites might be difficult.

Fortunately, there are numerous recognized names in the market that can help you get started. Staking systems available on the most prominent centralized exchanges are maybe some of the easiest to use. Binance, for example, allows users to stake up to ten different cryptocurrencies for a high payout. Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN), Kraken, Crypto.com, and FTX, to mention a few, are among the exchanges that allow staking.

Aside from exchanges, various blockchain projects offer a variety of staking possibilities. On sites like Lido and Cream Finance, Ethereum offers high-yield staking ahead of its Merge update. There are plenty of alternatives in Solana (SOL-USD), including Everstake and Chorus One. Some of the highest-yielding platforms, such as Zug Capital and P2P Validator, are available on Polkadot (DOT-USD). Anchor is one of the most popular stablecoin staking options, offering a 20% APR on TerraUSD (UST-USD) stakes.

Top 10 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchanges

1. Coinbase

2. Voyager

3. BlockFi

4. Uphold 

5. Kraken

6. eToro

7. Bitcoin IRA

8. Crypto.com

9. Binance 

10. Hodlnaut

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