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Zilliqa is putting all of its eggs in one basket with its metaverse. If the Metapolis is as popular as the firm anticipates, the Unbalances are in high demand.

Profits Will Flow If Zilliqa Starts building Its Metaverse Successfully

  • Zilliqa is one token hinging on the success of the metaverse.
  • Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:FB), with its 3 billion users, is paving the road for it.

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The rapid deployment of Metapolis is critical to this success.

Zilliqa makes a speciality of the bitcoin possibility. It's establishing the groundwork for the metaverse, an idea we've shown in films for years.

The concept isn't new, but it's getting closer to reality. Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:FB), the world's largest social networking firm, has stated its intention to establish its own platform. Zilliqa, one electrical brick at a time, is betting on the same future. ZIL is the token that is helping in these endeavors, therefore its future is both exciting and perilous. This means that investments in ZIL are now risky, and failure is a possibility. But, as the saying goes, if there is no risk, there will be no reward.

There are a host of different crypto coins in which to invest within the cryptocurrency potential. Zilliqa's approach is a fresh take on an old one. It ranks among the functional coins such as Ethereum  and Solana . The drawings of this modern paradigm are amazing. They are straightforward tours, similar to virtually touring brick-and-mortar real estate. If the battles over electronic money are hot, the debates over virtual life will become even hotter. After all, it is indeed one thing to critique assets and quite another to question a way of life.

What is Zliqa coin? Is Zilliqa built on Ethereum?

A Zilliqa coin (abbreviated ZIL) is the native currency on the Zilliqa blockchain. To boost the quantity of transactions that the blockchain can process, Zilliqa employs sharding technology. On the Zilliqa blockchain, Zilliqa tokens are used to pay for computing power.

During this time, Zilliqa coin (ZIL) is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It adheres to the guidelines established by Ethereum for new currency generated on its network. As a result, Zilliqa currency is classified as an ERC-20 token.

Zilliqa is forging different avenues.

Companies like Zilliqa are introducing new ideas for us to consider. At the very least, they are not undertaking it alone, with Facebook leading the way in this transformation. The idea is to integrate electronic social life into the Metaverse. At a gathering this weekend, I spent hours arguing this with friends and relatives. I encountered the same objections as I did during my original crypto chat with the crowd. Some were even antagonistic, but I believe I established the groundwork for our next debate.

We will come if Facebook creates it. They have 3 billion users, thus currencies like Zilliqa benefit from the migration. Furthermore, investors are correct in assigning some risk to the metaverse. 

At a gathering this week, I spent hours arguing this with friends and relatives. I faced the same objections as I did during my original crypto chat with the crowd. Some were even antagonistic, but I believe I established the groundwork for our next debate.

We will come if Facebook creates something. They have 3 billion users, thus currencies like Zilliqa benefit from the move. Furthermore, investors are correct in assigning some risk to the metaverse. The premise is that as Metapolis rises in popularity, so will demand in ZIL. I enjoy the wordplay, but I have some reservations.

There have been delays and various milestones, but they have not proven deal breakers so yet. Profits from Line loading can be large if Zilliqa management keeps its promises in the long run. Its virtual world appears to be amazing, so all that remains is for it to open for business. Younger folks, particularly gamers, find the concept easier to grasp. 

After all, they've already spent hours acting in various fantastical countries, so they'll get it very immediately. As a result, the metaverse's prosperity has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Metaverse Will Be On its Horizon

The risk we should take today is to pick Zilliqa as one of the winners. As a concept, I am confident in the success of metaverse investments. The degree of certainty decreases when it is specified that ZIL also has a slam dunk scenario. So far, so good, but I need to keep my excitement in check. It's definitely worth a try. However, since I am still learning about it, I aim to take things slowly. With knowledge, I would increase the size of the risk. Until then, I consider my ZIL trades to be speculative.

It is critical to make your danger risk moderate when embarking on a fresh speculative investment plan. The fewer questions I have about it, the more confident I become with size.

This is especially true when the stock is as volatile as Zilliqa. It dropped 50% this month last week, supporting my cautious tone.

According to the ZIL chart, I expect support to be below 9 cents. Investors can either wait for a perfect entry below 6 cents or nibble long now. Because I only deployed a modest stake, I may increase more without concern. This strategy should not be confused with averaging down, which I despise. Rather than jumping in all at once, this is averaging in to a full-size position. I would not consider adding to my allotment if I had already used up my entire allotment.

I went into the strategy intending to buy only one item at a time. This gives me the option to eventually acquire a large stake at a reasonable total entry price. The similarities to past real-estate agreements is what makes this prospect so appealing. Buy and hold till the price explodes. If the metaverse as a whole comes to life, Zilliqa and other daring enterprises will reap the benefits. It could take years, so investors must be patient.

What is Horizon Worlds metaverse?

As the Metaverse takes shape, the industry requires the help of virtual reality (VR) content providers. These innovative workforces will bring new and fascinating experiences to the Metaverse, ranging from gaming and e-commerce to learning and collaboration.

Meta Platforms Inc., formerly known as Facebook, has recently created a solution that would make it easier for creators to develop VR from within VR.

Meta Horizon Worlds is the company's most recent social VR offering, allowing VR developers, enthusiasts, and consumers to create and engage in shared experiences, as well as join a developing virtual community.

What is Meta horizon?

Meta's most visible bet right now is Horizon Worlds, a social VR platform for the Quest headset. It was recently included in Meta's Super Bowl ad, and on the company's most recent earnings call, Zuckerberg described it as "essential to our metaverse goal."

Zilliqa is doomed to fail.

I'll be returning to this page frequently, so feel free to ask me questions. I will answer your question(s) to the best of my ability within reason. We'll see if my forecasts come true in the LONG RUN, and if not, feel free to mock me.


So I was thinking a lot about Zilliqa's long-term prospects and whether it is still a solid long-term investment. It doesn't appear to be in the appropriate location or performing the right things to me. Yes, Zilswap 2.0, the initial launch offering, and the ZIL-ETH PolyNetwork Bridge will undoubtedly benefit Zilliqa, but I doubt it will be enough in the long run if some other factors remain unchanged. Here are some of my thoughts...

Zilliqa appears to concentrate mostly in two areas: sharding to produce high TPS, which improves as the blockchain grows in size, and their proprietary smart contract language, Scilla, which is more secure than some other forms of smart contracts.

My main concern is the ecosystem; Zilliqa lacks a substantial number of DApps and partnerships:  Ada, Polkadot, XLM, and Ether have considerably more established ecosystems with more DApps and alliances than Zilliqa. They are also significantly larger blockchains (with more nodes) and much larger market capitalizations.

With their potential scalability, blockchain size, security measures, TPS (Ethereum is in the process of upgrading to 2.0), and collaborations, it appears like Ada, Polkadot, XLM, and Ether are well positioned to deliver what Zilliqa intends to do in terms of quick and secure transactions. Not to mention the fact that Ethereum already has a high level of DApp activity, allowing for secure smart contracts. I mean, wouldn't most people stick to DApps on Ethereum and then move on?

Essentially, Zilliqa's competitors have significant advantages in terms of alliances, DApp activity, and blockchain scale. I'm not sure Zilliqa can compete with these other behemoths in the long run. I know Zilliqa has a dedicated staff working on the project, but when Ethereum 2.0 with sharding is released, its partners will gain immensely. Zilliqa is currently the leader in sharding, but I do not believe there is enough activity, as I stated in the three evident benefits of its competitors.

Price Prediction + Conclusion:

Personally, I feel that if Zilliqa does not significantly expand its relationships, DApp activity, and blockchain size, it will fail once the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain is launched. That is, until the Zilliqa team makes particular adjustments to Zilliqa's primary areas of expertise. 

(Let us not even mention that the Zilliqa blockchain has PoW rather than PoS.) In all honesty, Zilliqa coin (ZIL) breaking beyond the $1 threshold will be a significant uphill struggle that I believe it will lose. If ZIL does not reach $1 before Ethereum 2.0, it will most likely never reach $2, let alone $5, in its lifetime as a cryptocurrency. (Assuming that the supply of ZIL does not dwindle significantly.)

That is, until Zilliqa successfully reverses direction in their blockchain model, Ethereum 2.0 fails at sharding and incorporates Zilliqa's sharding into its blockchain in some way, and/or Zilliqa makes a significant breakthrough in the DApp technology that it employs for its blockchain. However, these are only three potential scenarios of what Zilliqa needs to happen in order to avoid its impending demise in the next years.

Alternate Outcome- Zilliqa shifting gears:

It will be available very shortly.Please keep in mind that this is just my viewpoint. I wrote this a long ago and have been revising it ever since. 

I'll be keeping an eye on Zilliqa and changing my predictions as appropriate. I will not totally remove the old material because I want it to serve as a type of time capsule of my Zilliqa predictions, and I believe it would be extremely dishonest of me. However, if I believe I could have stated it better, been more specific in my explanation, or there is something of great worth to add, I will rewrite and add to the old parts of my post. 

I will not delete large portions of my previous predictions for a long time.If I do edit out a major chunk of my prediction, that is because I was adding a new piece and was renovating it. In that case, please excuse that.


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